Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Posts in One Day

So I am going the extra yard and doing two posts in one day to get myself up to date! Enjoy! We met, hugged, and set on the Easter Bunny's lap. Sawyer said he liked Santa better because this Easter Bunny didn't talk!

Ice cream after the Easter Bunny sitting!! Daddy's idea...I know I married him for a reason!

Matt's stepbrother and his wife were in town over Easter weekend. Eliot is their daughter. Parker and her get along so well, we wish they lived closer!! Parker and Sawyer had a wonderful time playing with their cousin all weekend!!

A picture from the "Easter Egg Hunt" on Poppy and Cha Cha's patio. The egg hunt lasted about 2 minutes. It was all fun and games until all three realized there were 16 eggs. 3 kids, 16 do the math!!

And finally. I couldn't get a good picture of Sawyer's wound. He is the proud owner of 7 staples to his head. He and a door casing collided and the door won. He has been a super brave boy over the entire thing. Honestly, Parker and I were more upset then he was. He is rather proud of his staples..he thinks they are "awesome'!!

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For all of you who had thought about sending out a search party or contacting the authorities, worry no longer. The Daniel Family is alive, just horrible at keeping up with the blog!! It seemed really overwhelming to sit down and update the last 3 months, but sadly nothing was worth updating until the end of March....that brings me to Sawyer's 3rd birthday!! We celebrated his birthday at Pump It Up per his request. Basically there were a whole bunch of 3 year olds (plus a few older ones) running around jumping, bouncing, and working off every bit of energy we could make them!!
This was Sawyer's birthday cake. We ordered in almost a month ahead of time because apparently no other child in Williamson County wants an Incredible Hulk cake. It was a "special order"....interesting choice!!

Blowing out the candles...thanks Helen Marie for being the photographer!!

Just a real cute picture the morning of his birthday!! Such a sweet boy..yes, he is a rock star!

Daddy and David enjoying the festivities. Don't they look super excited!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When the Circus comes to town

For Parker's 5th birthday, we decided to spend the evening at the circus. A great time was had by all and Parker truly felt like the entire show was put on just for him. I hope he remembers this birthday and always believes this was just for him!!Parker wore a button the said "I am 5 today". While in line he made sure EVERYONE knew it was his birthday.
We got there a little early and went down onto the floor to see a sneak peak of the acts. These guys were jumping rope and doing a lot of cool flips. This guy picked Parker out of the crowd to come jump rope with him. Parker made instant friends with him and told me the guy picked him because he liked his button. Parker also said he liked the guy's hair (look closely, it is all braids....GREAT!!)

Of course Parker found a pretty lady and just had to have his picture made with her!

One of the coolest parts of the show. These tigers were huge. As you can tell, we had very good made me a little nervous!! How does that guy turn his back to them??!!

The elephants were pretty cool too!! These guys were HUGE and Sawyer begged us to ride one....oh well, maybe next time!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I regret that I was not able to post this yesterday, but this post is dedicated to Parker on his 5th birthday!!

Five years ago you changed my life completely. I loved you from the moment I saw you and ever since you have done nothing but bring constant joy to my life. I have cherished these past five years and feel so blessed to be able to call you my son. You are my first born and you will always hold a special place in my heart. You are a wonderful big brother to Sawyer and a true friend to everyone around.
This picture was taken right after you were born. Looking back, it is so characteristic of you to be so alert and aware of your surroundings!! I can not believe that you are already 5. Although those years seem to have gone by so fast, I can honestly say that my life doesn't feel like it started until you were born. I have learned so much about myself and life through your eyes and I can only hope that you will one day say the same. I love you dearly Parker Daniel...Happy 5th Birthday Buddy!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Christmas has come and gone and the Daniel Family had a GREAT one!! Playing the part of Santa and encouraging my children's imagination was so much fun and proved to be one the best Christmas' I have ever experienced. We are surrounded by so many people that we love and are fortunate enough to share our lives with ALL of our parents. My children have very involved grandparents, which I hope will provide them with so many fond memories for years to come. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. Here are a few pictures from ours... Making cookies for Santa. We started this last year on Christmas Eve. We make them from scratch and decorate them. My OCD has to take the back seat so that the boys can cut out and decorate them the way they want to....It is so much fun.
The Santa bag that ChaCha and Poppy bring filled with gifts for all! The boys got in the bag for their picture to be taken....I think this would have made a great Christmas Card!!!

The Ford Family Christmas took a change and was held at my uncle's house this year. Granny got to relax and enjoy her family instead of working in the kitchen. Our family is constantly seems there is a new one every year. Congrats to Jennifer and Johnny on their little boy due this spring!!!

And to all a good night.....Sawyer was tuckered out after a full week of Christmas. He missed the openning of presents with Papa D and Jane. Parker opened his gifts for him....poor little guy!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures to come...

With the season upon us, I have not been a good blogger...sorry! I will, however, post a plenitude of pictures of the holiday season once they are over!

For now, Darci tagged me to answer a few questions, so here I go...

8 things I have done today...

1.) Got the boys up and dressed and off to school

2.) Vacuumed and moped all floors in preparation for a showing

3.) Drove to the boys school in my PJs to give them their animals they forgot

4.) Had a cup of coffee or two

5.) Checked my emails and managed to pay a few bills

6.) Took a shower

7.) Folded and put away 4 loads of laundry

8.) Gathered all the dog paraphernalia and the dog, so that our house could be shown

( 1-8 done by 10:30am)

8 things I watch

1.) Max and Ruby ( I hear you Trish!!)

2.) Go Diego Go

3.) Lazy Town ( Trish, apparently our kids watch the same thing!)

4.) Grey's Anatomy

5.)Lost (it is in between!)

6. ) Any Law and Order (reruns of course, because who has time to watch it on prime time)

7.) Any CSI ( again reruns, for the same reason as listed above)

8.) Sadly, I can't name anything else

8 things I wish for

1.) For my children to grow up and truly know how much I dearly love them

2.) For my husband to know the same

3.) Health and happiness for all of our friends and family (cliche, but so very true)

4.) The appetite to know God the way Parker wants to

5.) For 2009 to bring happy memories and help erase some of the bad ones brought by 2008

6.) Our house to sell

7.) I like Darci's wish for a cleaning is a wish

8.) The financial ability for Matt to pursue his visions and dreams...

8 things I look forward to

1.) Christmas morning!!

2.) My children running into our room for morning hugs and kisses

3.) Parker telling me all about his day..he is so passionate about everything he does

4.) My morning coffee

5.) A simpler life

6.) Our next vacation...GOD willing

7.) Spending time with my girl friends
8.) Watching my children become amazing people.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Christmas Lesson

I had an interesting conversation with Parker yesterday that I wanted to share. I adopted an child from the Angel Tree the same age as Parker with the same interests. The idea was to help Parker understand the meaning of Christmas through giving to an underprivileged child. I began by explaining to Parker why we were buying for this little boy. I decided to explain things as simple as possible and started by explaining that this little boy's parents did not have jobs. I went on to say that Santa would bring one gift to him, but that would probably be all he got. He was signed up for this program in hopes that someone, such as us, who had a little to give, would buy him something special for Christmas morning. I went through all the people that buy for Parker at Christmas and told him that this little boy didn't have all those people, so WE were going to get him something special to help make his Christmas morning special. Here is the dialog that took place after the explanation:

ME: This little boy likes Spiderman and Iron Man just like you. What would you like to get for him?

PARKER: quite and obviously deep in thought. (This was it, I just knew he was going to say something sweet such as "We can give him some of my presents...) "Mom, I wish you didn't have a job so that other people could buy me presents"

Great!!! Lesson learned...for me!!